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Iced Cordyceps Mocha Latte

Iced Cordyceps Mocha Latte

Try This Iced Cordyceps Latte Recipe to Refresh, Revive and Revitalize!

Sometimes, a cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. If you’re craving something cool on a hot day, with all the power of caffeine and a cocoa twist that will satisfy a sweet craving, this creamy, chocolatey latte ticks all the boxes!

And there’s one, not so secret, ingredient that really makes this drink pack a punch – Fermented Cordyceps Powder.


Nature Restore Fermented Cordyceps Powder


Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus, which we’ll admit, doesn’t sound as appetizing as say, “creamy, chocolatey latte”, but bear with us… Cordyceps is a mushroom-like superhero, that’s packed with amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins and minerals.

It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. This curious ingredient has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Cordyceps also helps to support the immune system, keeping it strong and well equipped to fight infections. It helps to keep inflammation in check too, meaning that it can help to protect against chronic inflammatory conditions. Cordyceps is also said to help protect against premature aging, reduce everyday fatigue and is even claimed to boost sex drive…

Not only that, cordyceps can help to power workouts and training sessions by improving VO2 Max!! Who knew the ideal pre-workout drink would be a mocha latte. Make this revitalizing latte using the nut milk of your choice and enjoy feeling revived and raring to go!



Fermented Cordyceps Recipe Ingredients - Mocha Latte



¼ cup cocoa powder
3 cups milk of your choice
1 cup coffee
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch salt (optional)


Fill a glass with ice and set aside 
Combine cocoa powder, cordyceps, coffee, vanilla extract, and an optional pinch of salt into a blender, pulse until combined.
Pour coffee mixture over ice and top with nut milk
An optional sprinkle of additional cocoa powder on top, stir, and enjoy! 
Makes 2 servings.