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Blue boba milk tea recipe with butterfly pea

Butterfly Pea Boba Tea

Butterfly Pea Boba Tea: Tastes and Heavenly as it Sounds!

Hands up all you dedicated tea drinkers out there! We’re with you. Morning, afternoon, evening. Celebrating with friends, chatting on the phone, or drowning our sorrows. There is no occasion un-helped by a cup of tea.

Whatever your tea, from English breakfast to green, we just know that you’ll love our Butterfly Pea Boba Tea!

Boba, which refers to the chewy little tapioca pearls that are hidden within this beautiful drink, is also known as bubble tea and you’ve probably seen bubble tea cafes on your travels.

What you might not have seen, is this beautiful blue version. We made it using our Butterfly Pea Powder, a vibrant superfood powder made using the stunning butterfly pea flower, native to Southeast Asia.

Packed with antioxidants that help to support a healthy immune system, this tea certainly has that feel-good factor!

With creamy coconut milk, honey, optional vanilla, and the choice of serving it warm or chilled, this tea is a comforting hug in a glass, ideal for any time of day, any occasion. How will you drink yours?

We’d love to see your boba teas, so make sure you tag us on social media in all your creations!


Nature Restore Butterfly Pea Powder




2 cups Butterfly Pea tea
2 cups hot water
2/3 cups coconut milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
3/4 cup black tapioca pearls
3 tablespoons honey


Tapioca pearls: Cook the tapioca pearls according to package instructions. After cooking, let the tapioca rest in cold water for half a minute. Drain the tapioca and mix it with honey. Set aside while you prepare the rest of the drink.
Assemble the drink: Add the tapioca pearls (boba) to the bottom of your cup. Combine the tea, coconut milk, and vanilla extract and pour over the boba. Mix well. Serve chilled with ice or warm, whichever you prefer! 
Nature Restore Butterfly Pea Powder natural food coloring
Blue boba milk tea recipe diy