Organic Red Beet Root Powder | High in nitric oxide

Organic Red Beet Root Powder (8 oz)

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Did you know that red beets are originally native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and North Africa? They’ve stood the test of time as a nutritional superfood everyone can benefit from.

Red beets are high in nitrate, which indirectly supports better nitric oxide production - offering nutritional support for blood pressure, inflammation, and stamina. Red beet powder is perfect for a natural energy boost without the crazy downside. Multitudes of athletes are also using red beet powder for a pre-workout without a caffeine component. 

Enjoy the mild red beet taste profile by blending it in with a workout shake or savory smoothie to reap all the nutritional benefits. Eat better and feel better. 100% USDA Organic red beet powder. 

Country of origin: China. Third-party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria in USA. 

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