• Organic Stevia Leaf Extract 98% stevioside
  • 100% Natural Stevia Sweetener
  • Organic Stevia Leaf - 98% Reb-A, Plant-Based Sweetener
  • Nature Restore gives to 1% For The Planet

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract Powder


A plant-based zero calorie, natural alternative sweetener to sugar

  • 98% Reb-A concentration
  • Rebaudioside A is the least bitter among glycosides
  • 300x sweeter than average cane sugar

How to use

  • Remember: a little goes a long way
  • Start with a pinch and sprinkle to desired sweetness
  • Add to beverages & recipes where you may use sugar

Special note: We are doing a creative branding transition to our packaging, so you may receive product with the original packaging shown or updated packaging design. Same quality ingredients!