Nature Restore Wulinshen supplement, 500mg

Relax Into a Good Night's Sleep

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  • Promotes relaxation for quality sleep*
  • May promote GABA*
  • May improve mood & calmness*


What is Wulinshen?

Wulinshen (Xylaria nigripes) is a fungus that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to support mental health. Wulinshen belongs to a specific subgenus of xylaria that is hidden deep down in the dirt within the nests of the Odontotermes formosanus termite.

How does it work?

When night approaches, the body and mind should naturally unwind, being aware that it's time for rest. However, for many individuals, this does not happen. Our minds are restless with all of the light and stimulation that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, this struggle to unwind at the end of the day is due to the lack of GABA signaling your body that it's time for rest. As an abundant source of amino acids and phytonutrients, Wulinshen promotes a hearty dose of GABA to promote relaxation and ease you into sleep naturally.*


Ingredients: Wulinshen (xylaria nigripes extract), 100% plant-based capsule

Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place.

How to Use: Take one (1) capsule daily with food & water. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.

Gluten-Free | Vegan

Manufactured in Sunny SoCal

Nature Restore Wulinshen supplement

Considering a natural alternative to relaxation and sleep? Get to know our friend, Wulinshen, and how this mushroom could really help you rest.


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