Flowers, Teas, & Whole Berries

Our collection of loose-leaf teas, whole berries, and flowers are carefully sourced to be of the highest quality. Brew up a cup of relaxation and unwind with our organic flowers & upgrade your tea collection. Or get adventurous with your DIY trail mix and toss in some whole dried berries for that extra crunch!

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Create Loose Leaf Teas with Whole Flowers, Leaves, and Buds

Want to bring your morning cup of tea to the next level? The secret to a delicious brew is high-quality ingredients, and loose tea leaves are just the beginning. Steep your way to incredible flavors and ultimate relaxation by adding in a few dried chamomile flowers or lavender flowers. Sip and soothe a tired body with linden flowers and leaves, or find your focus and get a nice dose of antioxidants with rose flower buds. We've pulled together some of the most sought-after organic tea ingredients, so you can brew the perfect cup for anything that ails you.

Spruce Up Recipes with Organic Dried Berries

Fresh berries are great, but when dried, they take on a delightfully chewy consistency, which is a nice addition to trail mixes, cookies, and all kinds of recipes. For example, add a handful of dried bilberries to your trail mix for a nice kick of antioxidants and sweetness. Our dried berries come from only the most reliable sources, so you get all the nutritional value and flavor you could ever want.

Support Your Well-Being with Flowers, Teas, and Berries

Nature is the foundation of humanity, and we believe it’s the key to wellbeing! From the loose leaf teas to the dried flowers and berries in our collection, you can rest assured that every product comes from responsible sources and offers you all the best flavonoids, plant compounds, and aromatics you deserve. Ready to get brewing?