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  • BIGImmune™, Beta Glucan Extraordinaire

    What are Beta-Glucans?? Beta-glucans have by far the most research out of ANY natural ingredient. As of April 2020, over 20,000 published studies have studied the benefits of beta-glucans. Everything from blood glucose to cholesterol to immune support. Beta-glucans have demonstrated in studies to... View Post
  • Making Reishi a Part of Your Routine: The Top Benefits of Reishi Powder

    Reishi powder has been recognized to have medicinal properties for over 2,000 years. But what exactly is reishi powder? Reishi powder comes from the reishi mushroom. For centuries, herbalists have used these medicinal mushrooms to treat a variety of infections and diseases. While not all these us... View Post
  • Why Men Aged 35-40 Should Consider Cordyceps Supplement

    If you’re a male in your late 30’s and feel like your energy and strength are deteriorating, then you’re not alone. (If you’re wondering, I’m the author of this article and sadly, 37 years of age). Many men start to feel like they’re unable to reach the exercise goals they once did as they move t... View Post