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Loose Leaf Teas

  • Lapsang souchong – the original black tea!

    Imagine brewing a cup of black tea above a traditional campfire stove. Now imagine drinking the tea once it’s captured the smokiness of the campfire. Et voila, you are now on your way to imagining the taste of lapsang souchong tea!  Lapsang souchong tea has an absolutely unique flavor due to the ... View Post
  • Soothe and Calm with Linden Flower Tea

    If you’ve ever spent time in a mainland European city, such as in Germany or France, in the springtime, you would’ve no doubt come across the linden tree, even if you didn’t realize. This beautiful tree lines the streets, bringing a slice of nature to the urban cityscapes and fills the air with i... View Post
  • Dried Rose Bud Tea – The Most Beautiful Tea Around!

    If you’re looking for a delicately floral tea, that’s bursting with antioxidant nutrients and has health benefitting properties, then look no further than dried rose bud and petal tea. And what’s more, rose bud tea looks the part, too, with its deeply floral hues and rosy tints. Read on to discov... View Post