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  • Pu-erh loose leaf tea, your perfect coffee replacement!

    Originating from the Yunnan Province in China, Pu-erh loose leaf tea is produced via a unique process of microbial fermentation once the tea leaves have been picked and dried. This ensures that the leaves oxidize slowly, giving this tea its distinct earthy flavor and dark color. Due to this proce... View Post
  • How will you celebrate this year’s World Vegetarian Day?

    Friday 1st October 2021 marks World Vegetarian Day, where organizers encourage us all to be vegetarian for the day, regardless of whether we regularly eat meat or not. First established by the North American Vegetarian Society way back in 1977, it’s now a global movement that highlights the benef... View Post
  • Lapsang souchong – the original black tea!

    Imagine brewing a cup of black tea above a traditional campfire stove. Now imagine drinking the tea once it’s captured the smokiness of the campfire. Et voila, you are now on your way to imagining the taste of lapsang souchong tea!  Lapsang souchong tea has an absolutely unique flavor due to the ... View Post