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  • Dried rose bud tea – the most beautiful tea around!

    If you’re looking for a delicately floral tea, that’s bursting with antioxidant nutrients and has health benefitting properties, then look no further than dried rose bud and petal tea. And what’s more, rose bud tea looks the part, too, with its deeply floral hues and rosy tints. Read on to discov... View Post
  • A Look at the Top Gotu Kola Benefits for Health and Well-Being

    Plants with benefits for the human body are not hard to find, but, occasionally, a tried-and-true plant extract shows up that leaves us all sincerely impressed. One specific example is gotu kola, which has been a mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Gotu kola is often dubbed th... View Post
  • What is a Bilberry?!

    Think you know your fruits? Of course you do – from raspberries and strawberries to kiwi fruits and limes – it’s always easy to tell the difference, right? Hmm, not always. What about blueberries and bilberries? That’s right, BILBERRIES! It’s easy to get bilberries and blueberries mixed up, and ... View Post