Oh Kale Yeah!

Since you were a child, you have been hearing, “Eat your veggies!” Then there was always some big pile of green sitting there on your plate, that only left you wondering, “Why are these so important for me to eat?” Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in order to function at the best of its ability. Each vegetable contains it’s own unique nutritional profile to provide benefits and one that is packed with greatness is kale. While spinach and leafy greens are still great to consume, you may think twice next time when you are whipping up a big ole’ salad.

Dubbed one of the world’s healthiest foods, kale is a vegetable that does it all. From supporting healthy hair, skin, bones, digestion and blood sugar control, kale is your go to powerhouse. Let’s take a deeper look into how organic kale tailors to these different health needs.

For hair, bones and skin

Beta-carotene is converted in the body into Vitamin A (Ware, 2016); One cup of cooked organic kale has 885 mcg of Vitamin A alone. Another component that aids in hair, skin and bone health is collagen. In order to have ample collagen, Vitamin C is needed. Kale provides 53.3 mg of Vitamin C in one cup cooked.

For digestion

When you think of one supplement in order to help you and your restroom visits, what is it? I bet you are thinking fiber. If so, you are right! Fibers main role in the body is supporting good digestive health. Kale has high amounts of fiber and water to keep you regularity and avoiding constipation (Ware, 2016).

For blood sugar support

People with diabetes see blood sugar levels lower when high amounts of fiber included in the diet. As discussed above, we now know that organic kale contains high amounts of fiber. Kale also contains the antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid that also supports health blood sugar control (Ware, 2016).


Do I have you convinced and ready to go make some yummy, nutrient packed kale? If so, check out this site for the top 10 organic kale recipes. No more glaring at your plate of veggies in disgust. You will have your taste buds and body thinking “Oh kale yeah!”


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