By Nature Restore

Wellness begins with nature: Our new look and re-brand fully explained

To anyone reading this you are greatly appreciated as one of our valued and supportive customers. To show our appreciation of you and your beautiful souls we have been working on a few changes!! You see, we wanted our product to look and feel the same as all of you! Bright, happy, and full of life and excitement and love!

This is why we have decided to change our look!

Fear not! The product inside this new and improved exterior is still held to our same high standards, and will be just as delicious and nutritious as you remember! (There will even be a few NEW products appearing soon 😉)

Nature Restore new look rebranding

The bags! The bottles! The logo! We are overcome with excitement about our new look and we think you will be, too! Honestly, one look between the new and the old, you can see it was time for a change. We wanted our new packaging to visually display the goodness contained inside.

Our new bags are made to keep our powders fresher longer and pretty enough to be considered artwork in the kitchen! Think of this design update as a “thank you” for your continued support of our deserve something pretty!!

creating a new logo and logo transition


Our new logo is simply a modernized variation of our old logo. The petals before were separate, but have converged into the blooming lotus that Nature Restore has become! The text is kept simple and straightforward, just like our ingredients. We still have three petals displaying our three core principles: integrity, quality, and source. We stand by this promise, and truly believe that wellness begins with nature.  

As we roll out this change, your orders may contain either the old or the new designs. Do not be concerned, we are still in the process of this change and the new designs will be slowly filtered in to replace the previous bags as inventory levels out. Some will be changed over faster than others, and new products will emerge.

We hope you like our new look (we sure do!) and keep an eye out for the changes as they come! If you want to stay in the loop please join our mailing list so you will be the first to know when new products are ready to launch!

This new look will be displayed on all public platforms including our website, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest) and any platform selling our products. In time, all of our products will undergo this beautifying change, but for now, it is just beginning!

Big thank you to all of you wonderful people for making this change possible!

new bag design nature restore