BIGImmune™, Beta Glucan Extraordinaire

What are Beta-Glucans??

Beta-glucans have by far the most research out of ANY natural ingredient. As of April 2020, over 20,000 published studies have studied the benefits of beta-glucans. Everything from blood glucose to cholesterol to immune support. Beta-glucans have demonstrated in studies to have a strong immunostimulating effect across the board. It's important to note that only specific beta-glucans isolated from yeast, fungi, and seaweed has proven to be beneficial in this way. 

In published human studies, beta-glucans have shown to activate both our innate and adaptive immune systems. Our innate immune system is the one that is always on, finding invaders and destroying them in order to keep us healthy and well. Think of when you get a cut on your hand. Our body immediately responds to it by sending white blood cells to take care of any potential outside bacteria that might come in through that wound.

Our adaptive immune system is the one that creates antibodies, so if the same bug or virus enters your body again, your immune system will remember it and be able to deal with the problem much faster. Chickenpox is the best example of adaptive. You get it once and your body remembers it for a lifetime.

Our Answer to Healthy Living

We created BIGImmune to do one really important thing, boost our own immune fighting abilities against pathogens. We formulated this specific supplement as something we would want to take personally to help us, our children, and our grandparents stay healthy and happy through a time of global unease in the realm of health. But we didn’t want to keep this to ourselves! We believe everyone should be able to benefit from what nature has to offer to support their health and wellbeing.

A Look Inside BIGImmune™ 

Not only did we want to create one holistic immune-supporting product, we wanted the best possible ingredients to do the job right. The purity of your beta-glucan matters substantially! One study evaluating 16 different commercially available brands found that the highest-grade beta-glucans outperformed standard beta-glucans in immunity tests by 160x! We've formulated using two of the best beta-glucans we can find.

Yestimun®, a German-made beta-glucan isolated from brewer’s yeast and Glucan 300®, the highest biologically available beta-glucan isolated from baker’s yeast. We also added highly purified extracts from Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Agaricus mushrooms which are all high in naturally occurring beta-glucans and hold a wide range of additional health benefits. To top it off, we included RosaEx™, which packs a super dose of vitamin C and fights accumulated free radicals that are created by our body after a prolonged immune response. 

Healthy Living Is Key

A strong immune system is your biggest natural weapon against illness so supporting it in any way possible is of high importance. This means not only taking the best high-quality supplements out there, but eating a healthy diet full of a range of fruits and vegetables (all the colors), getting adequate exercise, drinking plenty of water, and making sure you get your sleep!!

A healthy lifestyle will do your body wonders and make the effects of taking an immune-supporting supplement even more worthwhile. We send you all healthy thoughts and wish the best for you and your families!