How Astragalus Supplements Can Benefit You

Introducing Astragalus! 

Astragalus is an ancient herb, that’s been used for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for its medicinal properties. Most commonly, people will make teas or take supplements of Astragalus using the root of the plant, which contains the highest concentration of beneficial compounds! 

Astragalus root is most well known for being an adaptogenic herb, with many other health boosting benefits. Here’s everything you need to know.


astragalus root benefits


What’s an Adaptogen? 

An adaptogen is an herb that naturally helps the body adapt to stress or stressful situations. Stress doesn’t have to be the kind of mental stress we might experience - say from being in a high-pressure job or by living a busy life and juggling lots of different things.

It can also be physical, like when we push our body to its limits during exercise.

Taking an adaptogen in the form of a supplement can help your body adapt to both of these stresses (emotional and physical) and help it to recover from them!

 So, how does it really work? 

When we’re under stress, we go through a three-stage cycle in response to it. First off, we experience alarm, which we might recognize as a racing heart or shortness of breath. Then we experience resistance while we adapt to the stressor, before experiencing the third phase, exhaustion. This can be either mental or physical exhaustion.

Either way it means we’ve reached the end of our mental or physical abilities, and we either have to close the laptop down or we have to stop exercising.

An adaptogen helps our response to stress by keeping us in the resistance phase longer. This means that we have more time before we reach exhaustion, giving us more energy to either work on that important document or reach the finish line of that 10km run! 


What Are the Benefits of Astragalus? 

Astragalus is a natural and important adaptogen. It can help us to improve and perform better at whatever task we’re facing by increasing the time before we reach burnout. In this way, it can be useful if we’re:

  1. Finding life emotionally draining and stressful
  2. Having a hard go at work and need a little mental endurance
  3. If we’re placing high physical demands on our body such as if we’re training hard at the gym. 

What’s more, Astragalus is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. These help to support a healthy immune system, meaning that we could be less prone to catching unwanted illnesses - which are a sure fire route to low productivity and performance!


Nature Restore Organic Astragalus extract supplement           

Introducing Organic Astragalus Supplement!  

Nature Restore Astragalus capsules  are made from an extract of the Astragalus root. This means that each capsule is super concentrated making it more potent within a smaller dose than those made with simply powdered root.

Our Astragalus supplements are made from 100% plant based sources, including a plant derived capsule, making them suitable for vegans. They’re also gluten free!

We recommend taking one capsule per day with food. Try to be consistent with your timing too, so for example, always take your capsule with your breakfast or evening meal. That way, you’re guaranteed to remember to take your supplement, meaning that you’ll reap the rewards!