Everything You Need to Know About Tart Cherry Capsules

Did you know that Montmorency or tart cherry is the name of a valley in Paris, France, where they originated in the 18th century? Tart cherry comes in the form of capsules or juice and is known for helping joint pain and potentially a better night’s sleep.

Keep reading, and we will guide you through taking tart cherry capsules.

What Are Tart Cherry Capsules?

Tart cherry, also known as the sour, dwarf, or Montmorency cherries, is a fruit, that has a history of use as both "medicine" and food.

There are 270 varieties of tart cherries, but only a few are grown in large amounts. The Montmorency is the most popular tart cherry grown in the U.S. Other common kinds are Richmond and English Morello cherries.

But there is much more to tart cherries than their sour taste.

Health Benefits

Tart cherries have many health benefits ranging from helping with muscle pain to enhancing your immune system to helping with sleep.

The critical ingredient to tart cherries where most of the benefits come from is called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins give the cherries their bright color and have substantial antioxidant capacity.

Muscle Recovery

The International Journal of Sports Nutrition did a study where people took tart cherry supplements for 7 days and then on the eighth day they did a weightlifting workout that consisted of barbell squats.

After the workout, the study participants took tart cherry supplements for two more days, with a total of 10 days taking the supplement.

The study concluded that people that took the tart cherry supplement felt less sore in their legs after the workout and showed fewer signs of muscle breakdown, which leads them to believe that the cherries played a part in the recovery of their muscles.

Joint Pain

Tart cherry capsules have also shown that the key ingredient, anthocyanin, has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Some people with osteoarthritis take the capsules to help relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Also, some people with gout take tart cherry supplements to help decrease their risk of flares.


Tart cherry capsules are the best way to take this supplement because they don’t have massive amounts of sugar and calories that are found in juice.

Some tart cherry capsules have 400 mg -1000 mg and are recommended based on your age, health conditions, and what’s best for your body.

Talk to your doctor before choosing what kind of tart cherry capsule and the dosage.

Relax Your Muscles and Sleep Comfortably

Make sure to consult your doctor about the dosage and what would be best for your purpose.

Find the right tart cherry capsules for you or keep reading for more healthy recipes here!