Celebrating Mother’s Day While Socially Distancing

Who would’ve thought, at the beginning of the year, when we were all so full of positivity and hope for a brand new decade, that just a few short months later, we’d be living in quarantine? With staying at home our new normal and self-isolating and social distancing becoming the terms of the year, we’re all missing our loved ones like never before.

If you don’t live in the same house as your mom or are a mom yourself the upcoming holiday could be making things feel a little more strange. With Mother’s Day approaching all you want to do is give the matriarch of your family a big hug. Whilst we can’t promise when restrictions on socializing will be lifted, we can provide ideas for celebrating mom’s special day from afar. Here’s how:

  • Get online – many video calling apps are now having their moment, as families and groups of friends gather online. So why not do the same for Mother’s Day? Houseparty is relatively new to the scene, but it allows family members from all over the globe to share in a live video of loved ones, so get the whole family involved. Zoom, WhatsApp, and good old-fashioned Skype are all similar and are the best way to feel connected to loved ones at the moment.
  • Whilst you’re all online, why not all eat together? If you all made the same meal (using mom’s legendary recipe if you have one!) then sitting down together, virtually, whilst video calling will help the connections further. You can even have the family tune in while mom walks you through the recipe and cook together as a family!
  • You could all send your mom a present through the post too, or have something delivered. Then you can watch her open her gifts and cards online together. If the tears flow, then promise that one day soon, you’ll all be together throwing the mother of all parties.
  • What about a virtual game night? After your Houseparty brunch, why not all play the same board game? It can be a firm family favorite one – you may have to bend the rules slightly to make it fit the new online world, but that can be all part of the fun! There are also games built into Houseparty, and other group online board games you can play virtually like Pictionary! 
  • If your mom is elderly and not very tech-savvy, then she might feel a bit overwhelmed by apps and getting it right. So instead, a long telephone call could go down a treat. We tend to have forgotten the phone in favor of text messaging and now video calling, but going old school on mom’s special day could be just the tonic she needs.
  • If you live within walking distance of your mom, then you could swing past hers and get her to look out of the window or stand on her front step, whilst you wave vigorously from a safe distance. You could even leave a bunch of flowers on her doorstep, ring the bell, then move to the end of the driveway whilst she picks them up.

Whatever you decide to do, we wish you and your family a very happy, if unusual, Mother’s Day!

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