Fall Health and Wellness Tips: Your Guide to the Best Supplements for the Fall

They say changing seasons reveal true colors. Even though this cliche primarily applies to life changes and relationships, the same could be said for your body. New seasons, even a mild change like fall, can reveal areas for improvement in terms of health and wellness.

From evolving routines and sleep patterns to altered weather and sunlight exposure, autumn can bring with it some new threats to your overall wellbeing. Below, we’re sharing a few fall health and wellness tips, complete with fall supplements to try this season.

Get Prepared for Daylight Savings with Sleep Support

Every November, those daylight savings memes start popping up on your social feed, and you'll know the time to adjust the clock is drawing near (hint: it’s November 7th this year). As routine as falling back an hour in autumn has grown to be, the time change can wreak havoc on your normal sleep routine. Your mind and body have to adjust to the new schedule, and that's not always an easy feat. Luckily, there are some fall supplements that may help.

Before we turn the clocks back, be sure to pick up some Wulinshen supplements. Wulinshen, scientifically known as Xylaria nigripes, is a highly regarded fungus in ancient Chinese medicine. The plant is chock full of phytonutrients and amino acids, which may promote gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) signaling and help stabilize your sleep cycles by relaxing the central nervous system. In controlled trials, the supplement was found to help improve sleep quality scores over a six-week study period.

Keep Your Overall Well-Being in Check for the Changing Seasons

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), changing seasons represent the potential for negative implications for your physical and emotional state, especially when the weather is growing cooler. Therefore, TCM practitioners still recommend making specific nutrient changes to ensure your body gets enough support as we move into autumn. Supplements for the fall season can be a big part of that effort.

As the seasons change, it doesn't hurt to incorporate a good supplement into your regimen for overall wellness support. While you could go many routes with supplement types, something like organic Astragalus is a good choice. Astragalus root is a key herb used in TCM because of its profound adaptogenic properties. This herb is thought to offer life-prolonging properties in TCM, but formal data shows that it may help with everything from seasonal colds to enhancing blood flow and supporting the heart.

Get Immune Support for Cold Season

One of the best fall health and wellness tips for anyone is to do what you can to beef up your immune system. Fall and winter bring about many opportunities to get sick, whether it's because you're spending more time indoors or doing more traveling for the holidays. Therefore, your immune system can work overtime to keep you protected, and certain fall supplements may help.

If you want to give your immune system a little extra support, something like Elderberry is the ideal choice. Elderberry extract offers anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants, and noteworthy levels of vitamins and minerals. The unique composition of these superfood berries may give your immune system just what it needs to keep fighting despite changing routines and the risks of catching a cold or another illness.

Stay Healthy This Fall & Beyond with Nature Restore

The change of seasons may be unavoidable, but it doesn't have to be a threat to your fall wellness plans. With a good selection of fall supplements on hand, you can focus on enjoying the season instead of nursing colds and struggling to maintain your sleep schedule. 

If you need to grab a few plant-based supplements for support through the colder months of the year, take a look at the collection of superfood powders and supplements at Nature Restore. We have everything you need to address specific health concerns and boost your overall wellness. For more information, contact us today!