4 Ways to Survive the 2020 Holiday Season!

In a ‘normal’ year, the passing of Thanksgiving has us turning to an influx of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve celebrations and gatherings. But as we’re all too painfully aware, 2020 has been far from normal.

With distancing restrictions still in place, our usual plans may have to take a backseat while we find different ways of celebrating our favorite holidays. So here’s our ideas for making the holiday season fun, but safe, in a socially distanced world: 

4 ways to survive 2020 holidays

1. Festive Zoom Party 

If you’ve been suffering Zoom fatigue (who hasn’t?) then the thought of a family party via the screen of your laptop may be filling you with dread. BUT a little festive cheer in the form of a Santa hat, a Christmas tree backdrop and a glass of something bubbly may just be enough to get you in the mood. Spice it up even more with some competition! Host a "best background" contest or even the traditional ugly sweater competition! Winner gets a fun prize!

Bonus points?? You won’t need to worry about your coat going with your outfit or the horrible decision of wearing the cute shoes or the shoes you can actually walk/stand in all evening. You're welcome. 


Holiday decorations for a happy 2020 holiday

2. Decorate Everything

The best way to get into the holiday spirit is to make your home feel like a magical winter wonderland! For many of us, we will be spending far more time at home than a normal holiday season, so why not lean into that?! If that means getting the tree up early and eating mince pies in November, then so be it! We could all do with a little brightness, and what better way than with twinkly lights and festive foods? You can even keep yourself occupied by making your own DIY decorations! Or even better, bake up your favorite treats, decorate some cookies, and start binging you favorite holiday movies early! 


how to celebrate the holidays durring covid

3. Go Outside

If your local restrictions allow, meet up with loved ones outside! At a safe distance, obviously. You could organize a coffee date where you all bring your own tumblers and cozy snacks to sit in a local park or outdoor space and enjoy each other’s company. Yes, it might mean that you have to wear several layers and bring a blanket, but don’t they say that the fresh air does us good?! Plus your mask will keep your nose nice and cozy! 

 DIY watercolor cards 2020 Christmas activity

4. Get Personal

Going back to the things that make us feel joy, why not take some time to write some individual letters to your loved ones? Tell them why they mean so much to you, reminisce about times gone by and talk about all the things you’ll be doing together once relative normality returns. It’ll become a treasured keepsake for life, and there’s no better gift any amount of money could buy. If you want to get extra crafty, break out the watercolors and create your own personal cards to share! 


We wish you all the best this festive season, may you all stay safe and well. We’ll see you all on the other side!