Superfood Recipes


  • Smoky Black Tea Seasoning

    If you love deep, herby, smoky flavors, then this multi purpose Smoky Black Tea Seasoning will most definitely satisfy your tastebuds. It’s made using our Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea and can be used to flavor meats, fish and vegetables, either as a dry rub or wet marinade prior to cooking or ... View Post
  • Antioxidant Trail Mix

    Ready for a trail mix remix?  What do you think of when you hear "trail mix"? If you go straight to that salty/sweet taste of m&ms and peanuts you're not alone! Yes, there are specialty health goods stores that have bins and bins of trail mix options, but it always feels like theres SOMETHING... View Post
  • Agaricus Mushroom Soup Mix

    Cream of mushroom soup.  Does it get more comforting than that? If you grew up like I did then this was always a staple to keep around the house to add to various dishes and recipes - but if you developed a dairy sensitivity later in life (like this girl), or you've made the choice to go plant-ba... View Post