Superfood Recipes


  • Reishi Coffee Smoothie

    Good Morning my dear coffee loving friends!  With the summer heat upon us, and many still working from home, you may be needing a new way to consume your daily coffee. For those of us who are severely lacking in air conditioning, hot coffee is out the window this time of year.  But that doesn't m... View Post
  • Cordyceps Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

    The all-time favorite Thanksgiving side dish...MASHED POTATOES!!  With so many variations and unhealthy options out there, we decided to make our own super healthy and beyond delicious version proving you dont have to compromise on flavor and creaminess to be healthy! Although our ingredients are... View Post
  • Iced Cordyceps Mocha Latte

    Try This Iced Cordyceps Latte Recipe to Refresh, Revive and Revitalize! Sometimes, a cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. If you’re craving something cool on a hot day, with all the power of caffeine and a cocoa twist that will satisfy a sweet craving, this creamy, chocolatey latte ticks all the b... View Post