Superfood Recipes


  • Chocolate Agaricus Bliss Balls

    Healthy snacking done right!  When you're craving something sweet and doughy - but can't eat sugar or dough - these are perfection!  Whether you have a diagnosed food allergy or are just trying to cut back on the overly processed sugars and carbs - Bliss balls are about to be your new best frien... View Post
  • Agaricus Mushroom Soup Mix

    Cream of mushroom soup.  Does it get more comforting than that? If you grew up like I did then this was always a staple to keep around the house to add to various dishes and recipes - but if you developed a dairy sensitivity later in life (like this girl), or you've made the choice to go plant-ba... View Post
  • Adaptogenic Chocolate Chip Cookies

     We've all had that moment, relaxing on a Sunday evening and all the sudden craving some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies...YUM! But it's hard to justify to yourself that making a whole batch of cookies for just you is really worth it. And your craving goes unsatisfied.  Although, if you... View Post