Marshmallow Monster Pops

Halloween is HERE!!

With such a wild year, many of us have had to alter our normal traditions and daily habits. But with the Holidays somehow already here what do we do now?? 

Some people will continue to go Trick-or-Treating, or host Halloween parties in their homes, but as that is not an option for all of us, that means it's time to get creative! 

Just because you are staying home and social distancing does not mean Halloween is a bust. You can still get your kiddos all dressed up, set up fun craft and treat stations around your home, and keep the continuous Halloween movies flowing! 

One super fun and cute treat to keep your kiddos occupied are Marshmallow pops!! I don't even know if this is considered a "recipe" because it is so so simple and 100% kid friendly. 

Since these may not be the "healthiest" of snacks, we made it a little better by using natural superfood powders instead of synthetic food coloring! The only exception is a black cookie decorating gel we used for the little smiles, but this can either be skipped or replaced with an icing mixed with activated charcoal. 


Frankenstein marshmallow pops, easy halloween snacks for kids




Make sure you put your white chocolate into tall enough bowls or cups to allow for easy dunking. 
Have fun with your decorations. Our recommendations: an assortment of Halloween sprinkles, candy eyes, small black gel for smiles, and anything else you want! Get creative!
Prep your pops in advance. If setting up for kids, you may want to do the base color in advance, before decorating. The first layer should be slightly hardened to prevent slipping and mess when adding all the adorable details or secondary colors.
Make sure you have a designated "drying area" for finished pops. A simple piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet works well! 



1 package Marshmallows
1 package White chocolate melts
1 tsp Nature Restore Acai Berry Powder
1 tsp Nature Restore Kale Powder
Halloween Sprinkles
Candy eyes
Decorating Gel 


cute and easy halloween treats with Nature Restore wild harvested acai berry powder and organic kale powder 



Melt your white chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir. Continue microwaving in 3 second intervals, string in between each session until melted. Separate into bowl or cups for coloring.
In separate bowls, add your colors of choice (Acai Powder & Kale Powder) and mix well until combined and smooth. 
Prepare your pops by adding your sticks, and dipping your marshmallow in your base color of choice.
If you are making Frankenstein, Dip your marshmallow in the green Kale mixture, then dip the top into your black sprinkles. Place your eyes and "bolts" (we used green sprinkles for this part) on either side of the marshmallow. 
Once All pops are dipped, and initial decorating done, cool and dry in refrigerator. 
After the first layer has hardened, you can add your mummy stripes, smiles, drips, or any other decorative details you wish! 
We hope you enjoy this eatable activity as much as we did! If you make these at home please tag or mention @nature.restore on Instagram. We would love to see how they came out! Happy Halloween! 
Halloween Marshmallow Pops


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