Elderberry Nice Cream

Whether you're vegan, dairy-free, or just trying to cut back on dairy or sugar, nice cream is a perfect alternative! 

Nice cream is basically a super thick and creamy smoothie, with a heavy banana base for optimal creaminess! From the base of frozen banana, the options are pretty limitless! 

You can go fruity by blending your favorite fruits or fruit powders, indulgent with chocolate and nut butter, or any of your favorite flavor combinations. 

For this recipe, we chose elderberry & peach for our fruity flavor combo. I can assure you it was as tasty as it sounds! Here's what you need. 




1 cup Frozen peaches
3 Frozen Bananas
Almond Milk (as needed)

Optional toppings:

Dried Rosebuds
Chocolate chips
Fresh fruit



Pulse frozen banana and peaches until it starts to break down, adding very small amounts of almond milk as needed. The less milk added the thicker the final product (which is what you'll want). Then blend until creamy.

If making a nice cream bowl:

Pour into your bowl and add toppings, take Instagram photos, and enjoy immediately! 
Nature Restore Elderberry Smoothie Bowl with Rosebud topping

If making scoop-able nice cream:

Pour your nice cream mixture into a freezer safe container, decorate the top with your toppings (chocolate, rosebuds, coconut, etc.) and freeze for about 30 minutes. This will give more of an "ice cream" texture and allow for it to be served in scoops. 
vegan scoopable ice cream without an ice cream maker


Dairy-free ice cream with bananas and Nature Restore elderberry extract powder


Whichever way you choose to make it this recipe is a wonderful alternative to regular ice cream, or as a super fun breakfast bowl! We hope you enjoyed this recipe and please do tag us on Instagram (@nature.restore) if you make one! We would love to see how it turns out! 



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