Elderberry Ginger Cocktail

Looking for a super refreshing and tasty cocktail? Look no further! 

With warmer weather sneaking up fast we wanted to create a super simple, flavorful, and refreshing cocktail. Our first choice for the job? Our new Elderberry Powder! Not only does it lend a beautiful berry pink color to the drink, but it is wonderfully tasty, especially paired with our new favorite, ginger liqueur. 

    Nature Restore Elderberry Extract Powder Cocktial


We were going for a little more of a skinny margarita feel so our alcohol of choice was tequila, but feel free to substitute your favorite spirit. Or if you're going alcohol free, skip the spirits all together and use a ginger syrup for a wonderful summertime mocktail. 




1 Cup water
Ice as needed
1 Shot of tequila
1 Shot of ginger liqueur
½ Cup sparkling water
Garnishes (lemon or lime)


Combine Elderberry Powder with water, mix to fully dissolve, and add ice.
Add your shots of tequila and ginger liqueur.
Top off with your favorite sparkling water (we used grapefruit Spindrift, but tonic water, club soda, or any other seltzer will work great). 
Lightly mix, and add your lemon or lime to garnish! 
     Easy drink recipe for Elderberry Ginger cocktail
Just sip and enjoy the refreshing taste of your summertime cocktail. Cheers!