• Dairy-Free Lavender Blueberry Pop-Tarts

    If you're looking for a new baking adventure, what is more fun that home-made pop tarts?! These little hand pies bring back so many wonderful childhood memories and are just so tasty. I mean, who turns down a pop tart?! As much as we love our old school toaster pop-tarts, we decided to spice thes... View Post
  • Mom's Favorite Chamomile Waffles

    Mother's Day is almost here, and what would make mom happier than some home-made breakfast from her loved ones! Yes, you could make her pancakes from a box mix, or scramble up some eggs, but wouldn't it mean so much more to make her something extra special that she has never had before?? Picture ... View Post
  • Earth Day Cookies for the Family

    Happy Earth Day!!!  Earth Day occurs annually on April 22nd and was created to celebrate the planet we live on and bring awareness to the environment and pollution. This day is generally observed with rallies, conferences, outdoor activities, service projects, and often personal earth-friendly c... View Post