• Liver Loving Chai Tea Latte

    The New year has begun, celebrations have been had, and it’s time to get serious about our health once again. We all use the holidays as an excuse to let loose, maybe have a few more cocktails than usual, and go for seconds on grandma’s famous pies. I get it... it's the holidays! But alas, time t... View Post
  • Superfood Hot Chocolate

    Winter is here, which means we are all facing cooler, wetter, or snowier weather. I know, I know...not everyone likes this chilly time of year, but you know what makes it so wonderful??? Cozy sweaters, warm fires, and the most delicious cup of hot chocolate. There's nothing like walking in from t... View Post
  • DIY Spirulina Treats your Pups will LOVE

    The holidays are here, which means cookies are being made, presents wrapped, and homes decorated.  But who deserves a holiday treat more than our beloved fur babies?! They give us unconditional love and happiness, the least we can do is provide them with some wholesome home-made goodies!  I know... View Post