• Acai Superfood Protein Bars

    Make our delicious Acai Superfood Protein Bars and fuel your day! Protein helps to keep us full, fuels our muscles and provides energy. So our dietary intake of protein is essential to make sure we get through each day and all its demands. Breakfast, lunch and dinner aside, we can top up our pro... View Post
  • Lavender Chocolate Pudding Cups

    Celebrate Earth Day with our delicious lavender cups! This April sees the arrival of another Earth Day, where we, earth’s citizens, take a moment to reflect on our place in the world. The first Earth Day was way back in 1970 when flares, hippies, One Love, and peace were all high on the agenda. 1... View Post
  • Dragon Fruit Waffles

    Ready for some waffle FUN?!  We were in the mood for an extra colorful breakfast treat to bring a little happiness to another quarantine morning. So where do we turn??  DRAGON FRUIT POWDER of course!!  This extra bright and cheery powder actually turns out purple in some recipes, giving our waffl... View Post