Superfood Powders

  • Acai Superfood Protein Bars

    Make our delicious Acai Superfood Protein Bars and fuel your day! Protein helps to keep us full, fuels our muscles and provides energy. So our dietary intake of protein is essential to make sure we get through each day and all its demands. Breakfast, lunch and dinner aside, we can top up our pro... View Post
  • Glowing Skin Smoothie

    The smoothie. What a wonderful way to start off your morning! Pack it full of greens, delicious fruits, health-boosting powders, root vegetables, healthy fats, and all of the health-promoting deliciousness you can get your hands on!  We took a skin health perspective with this one... and what w... View Post
  • Brilliantly Green Oreos for St Patrick’s Day

    March 17th marks St Patrick’s Day, where it seems as if everything is turned green for 24 hours. And whilst we might indulge in a pint of Guinness and wear a green leprechaun hat for the day, how about also making these fun homemade green Oreo cookie sandwiches?? Who doesn’t like an Oreo? Choco... View Post