Special Reserve Powders

  • Butterfly Pea Boba Tea

    Butterfly Pea Boba Tea: Tastes and Heavenly as it Sounds! Hands up all you dedicated tea drinkers out there! We’re with you. Morning, afternoon, evening. Celebrating with friends, chatting on the phone, or drowning our sorrows. There is no occasion unhelped by a cup of tea. Whatever your tea, fr... View Post
  • Lavender Chocolate Pudding Cups

    Celebrate Earth Day with our delicious lavender cups! This April sees the arrival of another Earth Day, where we, earth’s citizens, take a moment to reflect on our place in the world. The first Earth Day was way back in 1970 when flares, hippies, One Love, and peace were all high on the agenda. 1... View Post
  • Tropical Knotweed Smoothie Bowl

    Japanese Knotweed is a powerful little plant, but depending on where you live can be hard to find in nature.  Not to worry, you can still get the benefits of Japanese Knotweed without the search! In steps Knotweed Powder!! Rather than just mixing this with water to make a little tart wellness sho... View Post