Special Reserve Powders

  • Dairy-Free Lavender Blueberry Pop-Tarts

    If you're looking for a new baking adventure, what is more fun that home-made pop tarts?! These little hand pies bring back so many wonderful childhood memories and are just so tasty. I mean, who turns down a pop tart?! As much as we love our old school toaster pop-tarts, we decided to spice thes... View Post
  • Mom's Favorite Chamomile Waffles

    Mother's Day is almost here, and what would make mom happier than some home-made breakfast from her loved ones! Yes, you could make her pancakes from a box mix, or scramble up some eggs, but wouldn't it mean so much more to make her something extra special that she has never had before?? Picture ... View Post
  • Secretly Healthy Banana Bread

    I don't know about all of you, but banana bread just seems to be getting sweeter and sweeter! Even at the farmers market a few weeks back, I was so excited that there was a new baker will all of these delicious looking breads, so I splurged on one particularly delicious looking loaf of banana bre... View Post