• Thick and Creamy Vegan Gravy

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, a good gravy is in high demand! The only problem here is gravy is generally not the best for you nutritionally speaking, and let's be honest, some that claim to be healthier really do not taste that great.  With this in mind, I am happy to announce that T... View Post
  • The Only Cauliflower Recipe you Need for the Holidays

    Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. What comes first? That's right, THANKSGIVING! The foodie's favorite holiday where you get to experiment with new versions of the same dishes until you find your signature dish. So what will you be making this year?? Something healthy? Something fun? So... View Post
  • The Best Easy Halloween Dinner Idea (your guests will be GREEN with envy)

    What are you having for dinner Halloween night?? Get spooky points AND get some greens into those kids before the candy hits their system! Who doesn't love a big bowl of delicious pasta smothered in sauce...even better...PESTO SAUCE!!! Full of flavor nutrients from all those fresh herbs and gre... View Post