• Gut Cleansing Celery Smoothie

    Gut health has been gaining some serious attention lately and for good reason! Many health concerns begin in the gut, so maintaining a healthy gut can improve many aspects of your health! We made this smoothie with the health of the gut and your overall health in mind!  Plus, it's pretty tasty, s... View Post
  • Haunted Raspberry Tonic

    You have the decorations set. The best spooky spread of snacks. And a costume contest going down that will be the best of record. Your epic Halloween party is only missing one more thing... a themed cocktail!!!  Yes, your guests may be satisfied with red wine labeled as blood, or any other averag... View Post
  • A Sweet Iced Matcha Latte You’ll Love!

    Matcha green tea has a distinctive taste and is full of antioxidants. We love it, but for some, the taste is a little bitter. Which is why we took to our kitchens and after much taste testing, came up with this iced matcha latte sweetened with natural stevia leaf. Sweet, creamy, and satisfyingly... View Post