• Chamomile Coconut Mango Milkshake

    I know you're going to think we are crazy, but milkshakes don't have to be unhealthy!!  Just hear us out for a moment... what makes a good milkshake? You need it to be creamy, sweet, flavorful, thick, and cold (obviously). This vegan recipe checks all those boxes but with all-natural ingredients!... View Post
  • Reishi Coffee Smoothie

    Good Morning my dear coffee loving friends!  With the summer heat upon us, and many still working from home, you may be needing a new way to consume your daily coffee. For those of us who are severely lacking in air conditioning, hot coffee is out the window this time of year.  But that doesn't m... View Post
  • Butterfly Pea Boba Tea

    Butterfly Pea Boba Tea: Tastes and Heavenly as it Sounds! Hands up all you dedicated tea drinkers out there! We’re with you. Morning, afternoon, evening. Celebrating with friends, chatting on the phone, or drowning our sorrows. There is no occasion un-helped by a cup of tea. Whatever your tea, f... View Post