ROOTS™, Milk Thistle, & Spirulina Parfait!

Breaking News! ROOTS™ is not only a tasty and nutritious beverage, but also a great mix-in for your morning yogurt, porridge, or chia pudding!

We have combined ROOTS™ and Spirulina to create this beautiful soft blue-green with nutritional value through the roof. This combination gives plentiful antioxidants, vitamins including vitamin A and B12, and a surprising punch of protein. Pair that with Milk Thistle yogurt for some nutty detoxification and you've got yourself one SUPERfood breakfast! Layer this with your favorite fruit or toppings and impress your friends and Instagram followers with your health conscious and beautiful creation! The flavor is a fruity sweet and nutty combo that even the kids will enjoy.


Vegan Milk Thistle Parfait Recipe



ROOTS™ Yogurt

1 cup yogurt (we used Daiya Greek Alternative)
½ packet ROOTS™ powder

Milk Thistle Yogurt

1 cup yogurt
Honey to taste (optional)

½ cup blueberries

1 small kiwi


In two seperate bowls, combine and mix yogurt ingredients well. For deeper color add more Spirulina or Milk Thistle.

Layer ROOTS™ mixture first, followed by Milk Thistle mixture.

Separate a a few blueberries, and cut them in half horizontally. Line the edge of the glass with halved blueberries.

Add another layer of Milk Thistle yogurt to cover the berries, and fill the remaining space with the rest of the ROOTS™ mixture.

Top with blueberries and kiwi and dig in!! (not before taking some Instagram photos of course)