Turn Up The Beet!

Are you someone who “eats to perform”? In other words, you base the foods you consume in a day around your workouts and becoming better physically. Or, could your health be improved with lower blood pressure? Let’s be honest, even if you do not classify as either one of those people, we could all use the extra nutrients to benefit inflammation, heart health, brain health, and digestion; All areas that make our lives a little easier if they are functioning optimally. Well, you are in luck! Red beet powder has gained popularity for supporting all of the conditions above. 

Beet powder is taking over the world of “pre-workouts”.  Many athletes will consume a pre-workout supplement to give them an energy boost to push through a tough workout. The nitric oxide causes an increase in blood flow, allowing the muscles to receive more oxygen (Clark, 2015).

However, a lot of the pre-workout supplements you see on the shelf are filled with artificial sweeteners/ingredients, therefore, making it more detrimental than beneficial. Beetroot powder is typically made with the powder itself and stevia as a sweetening agent.  In a recent study, beetroot improved performance by 2.8% (11 seconds) in a 4-km bicycle time trial and 2.7% (45 seconds) in a 16.1-km trial (Ware, 2016). If you are looking to enhance your physical performance, try beetroot roughly 30 minutes to an hour before exercise.

Now, maybe you are just someone who wants to keep up on his or her overall health. Beetroot and its antioxidant properties can very well be your universal supplement. From aiding in heart health with its high nitrate content, to increased blow flow to the brain, to even making restroom visits a little easier with its high fiber content, red beet powder does it all! Turn up the beat to your health by adding red beet powder to your daily regimen. 


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