Introducing Roots™ - the Best Green Drink!

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Our new superfood supplement is finally here! Roots™ is the best antioxidant supplement packed with the best superfoods! Roots™ is soy free, gluten free, and non-GMO!  
Our customers have loved using our superfood powders to add to their daily superfood smoothies, acai bowls, and anything else they can come up with! However, we feel that there is a need for a convenient greens drink packed with antioxidants and other health benefits. So we have delivered this antioxidant supplement that will allow you to consume 20+ green superfoods in one easy drink mix.  
Intended as a once a day drink mix, Roots™ is filled with different green powders and berry powders to help nourish your body with the antioxidants that it needs to function efficiently.
It’s easy, it’s fast, and best of all healthy. Perfect for someone who is on the go and doesn’t have the time to cut and blend fruits and vegetables every morning or to throw in the kids lunches to ensure that they are getting their daily dose of greens and berries!
No longer is “I don’t have enough time” an excuse for getting in your daily antioxidants. Roots™ makes it possible to have a healthy green drink in just seconds.

What is in Roots™

The Roots™ superfoods blend includes: barley grass, apple, broccoli sprout, spinach, wheat grass, goji berry, spirulina platensis, organic pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, acai berry, organic camu camu, noni fruit, maitake mushroom, ginseng root, organic red beet, grape seed, acerola, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, and fermented black garlic!

Benefits of Roots - Cellular Antioxidant Activity

You might be asking yourself, why do I need all of these superfoods? What is an antioxidant and what is it going to do for me? Well . . . according to webMD, antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Many experts believe that this damage is a factor in the development in blood vessel disease, cancer, and other conditions.
Roots™ contains a cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) value of 7200! That is equivalent to the same CAA as 158 lbs of spinach! Pretty incredible right? But what is CAA and how does the cellular antioxidant activity value differ between foods?
Source - A cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) assay for quantifying the antioxidant activity of phytochemicals, food extracts, and dietary supplements has been developed . . . The antioxidant activities of selected phytochemicals and fruit extracts were evaluated using the CAA assay . . . The CAA assay is a more biologically relevant method than the popular chemistry antioxidant activity assays because it accounts for some aspects of uptake, metabolism, and location of antioxidant compounds within cells.
What does all of that scientific jargon mean?
A CAA value quantifies the antioxidant activity in phytochemicals, food extracts, and dietary supplements. This method of measuring antioxidant activity is more accurate and biologically relevant than the chemistry methods because CAA accounts for some aspects of uptake, metabolism, and location of antioxidant compounds within cells.
Antioxidants are found naturally in fruits and vegetables and protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Antioxidants may also contribute to the management or prevention of some medical conditions, such as some cancers, macular degeneration, Alzheimer's disease, and some arthritis-related conditions.
Roots™ has a CAA value of 7200. This graph shows the cellular antioxidant activity of many vegetables per 100gs. We have developed Roots™ to contain the best superfoods with high CAA values all while maintaining a great tasting drink!
Roots™ allows you to consume 20+ superfoods all containing an ideal amount of CAA equaling a CAA value 7200! Add it to your morning smoothie or just a bottle of water to get your daily dose of greens and berries!
Get your box of Roots™ now! Use promo code GETROOTS to receive 25% off of your first box!

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