The Secrets of Keto Collagen: How to Get Glowing Skin

What is Astrion and Why is it Good for My Skin?

As we age, our levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid naturally decline. This signals bad news for skin aging – collagen is the protein framework that the skin sits on and hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture. Both collagen and hyaluronic acid help to maintain a youthful plumpness in the skin. 

But as they decline, so does that youthful plumpness. Aging skin becomes looser and less elastic leading to sagginess and wrinkles, and dryer leading to a duller texture and tone. 

External toxins, UV damage, pollution, a bad diet, smoking and dehydration all also lead to dryer, more sullen skin over time.

That’s why we’ve added Astrion™ to our new skincare line with SmarterSkin™ Keto Collagen. But what is Astrion and how does it help support healthier, younger-looking skin?

The secret is in two ancient Chinese herbs whose extracts make up AstrionAstragalus membranaceus and Centella asiatica

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Astragalus membranaceus for Skin Rejuvenation and Restoration

A. membranaceus helps to support the skin in many ways. It helps to prevent the natural breakdown of collagen that’s caused by exposure to UV light from the sun. It also helps aid the work of the enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, allowing the skin to retain more moisture and appear fuller and more youthful.

UV damage not only causes aging but hyperpigmentation of the skin that appears as darkened patches of skin or “age spots” that develop as the skin tries to defend itself against UV rays. A. membranaceus has been shown to help correct dark spots on the skin helping to reverse the damage and allow for a more even skin tone.

What’s more, A. membranaceus can help the skin heal more efficiently after trauma allowing it to recover more quickly. 

Centella asiatica for Youthfulness and Antioxidant Support

C. asiatica is also known as Gotu Kola and is fast becoming a wonder ingredient in modern skin care, despite being traditionally used as a wound-healing herb for many centuries. It too benefits the skin in many ways.

Firstly, it can significantly stimulate the production of collagen helping to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin texture and hydration. C. asiatica also helps to improve the ‘tensile strength’ of the skin which means the skin is more effective as a barrier against external factors and it can heal more efficiently.

C. asiatica has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect on the skin too, by helping to reduce inflammation caused by sun damage and external toxins.

Finally, this herb helps to increase levels of hydration in the skin by preventing water loss and inhibiting the natural breakdown of hyaluronic acid. Keeping the skin hydrated helps to keep it healthy, moisturized and youthful.

Skin health with Astrion

Treating Your Skin with Astrion

Here at Nature Restore, we believe in both the power of nature and the power of beauty from within. SmarterSkin™ Keto Collagen is a chocolate creme flavored elixir that helps nourish and support more youthful skin from within. 

It contains Astrion which is a blend of Astragalus membranaceus and Centella asiatica. Take a tablespoon of SmarterSkin Keto Collagen daily (either on its own or mixed with a drink) and see what it can do for you!

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