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  • The scoop on Wulinshen: From the termite nest to pure relaxation

    Deep down in the dirt lies nutritious, yet obscure fungi hidden within the nest of the Odontotermesformosanus termite.This fungi present among the termites underground provides the primary source of nutrients. But it's not just some random fungi; it packs a punch of benefits for us humans, too! View Post
  • Spring is Here! Time to Spring Clean Your Gut!

    Overall gut health is important because not only does it help with achieving a healthy weight, it helps with physical and mental health. Some of the physical benefits you reap when you take care of your digestive tract is higher energy, a well balanced immune system, clear skin, less bloating and better sleep. 

    We have focused on 5 products that may help support a healthier version of yourself.

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  • Coriolus versicolor: The powerful immune supporting mushroom

    Coriolus versicolor is a common mushroom native to tropical and temperate climates but this hardy fungus is capable of growing in woodland environments all over the world. You may have even seen it or walked over it without even realizing it, or its potential! View Post