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  • Turmeric: Putting Pep in Your Step This Summer

    Have you heard of the many benefits of curcumin? Maybe you haven't heard of curcumin at all.  But if you've ever had any dish with fresh turmeric or organic turmeric powder as an ingredient, then you've already had curcumin.  And that means you've enjoyed its health benefits without even knowing.... View Post
  • Hippie Heaven: 4 Recipes for the Perfect Morning Smoothie Bowl

    Around 90% of Americans don't like cooking. Satisfy your morning hunger with a super duper smoothie bowl. If you're wondering how to make a smoothie bowl, it's simple: First, you blend the ingredients. Next, add the toppings. Then voila! You have an Instagram-worthy breakfast. Your friends will b... View Post
  • You Can't Beet These Treats: 5 Unique Beet Powder Uses in Recipes

    Did you know that beets are high in nutrients, can help you lose weight, and even lower your blood pressure? One of the best benefits of beetroot powder is that you can reap all of the nutrition without worrying about shelf life, messy preparation, or long cooking times with regular beets. Want s... View Post