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  • Healthy and Strong: 5 Top Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea

    Move over matcha and kombucha, there's a new drink in town that health aficionados are raving about- Butterfly Pea Flower!!  Chances are, you've seen butterfly pea popping up at hip coffee shops, bars, and in the health food stores.  But, what exactly is butterfly pea? Why are people using it? Ch... View Post
  • Making Reishi a Part of Your Routine: The Top Benefits of Reishi Powder

    Reishi powder has been recognized to have medicinal properties for over 2,000 years. But what exactly is reishi powder? Reishi powder comes from the reishi mushroom. For centuries, herbalists have used these medicinal mushrooms to treat a variety of infections and diseases. While not all these us... View Post
  • DIY Natural Tie-Dye

    I don't know about you, but for me, one of the BEST ways to spend a summer day is a good DIY project!! This time around we decided to get or hands dirty (literally) and play with some natural dyes!!  Go gather a close group of friends, or get ready for some fun quality time with the kiddos and fa... View Post