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  • DIY Calming & Soothing Bath Bombs

    I recently was drawing a bath, ready for a nice relaxing start to my weekend. I had been given some festive green bath bombs for Christmas that I was so excited to use. But once they started to fizz the bathwater turned a very intense shade of unnatural green and I became so concerned it was goin... View Post
  • Get the Scoop on Ginkgo Biloba!

    Say hello to Ginkgo, the oldest living tree species on earth. It is so old that it is considered a ‘living fossil’ that has remained unchanged for over 200 million years!!

    Today we know this tree mostly for its elegant fan-shaped leaves and foul-smelling fruits, but this specific tree has been a secret weapon of Chinese medicine for centuries! They used Ginkgo for its claimed cognitive benefits among other things.

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  • Can Japanese Knotweed Improve Cognitive Health?

    Japanese knotweed has been shown to have positive effects on mental health and the ability to treat, limit, or even prevent cognitive diseases.

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