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  • The Secrets of Reishi Mushroom

    Reishi has been used for thousands of years to heal, improve health, and promote general longevity. Reishi has only increased in popularity since that time, and is now one of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms.

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  • Gym Bag Essentials

    Gym bags are no longer just for gym goers. Workouts take many forms and can happen just about anywhere. Whether you are visiting your favorite gym or running in your local park, there are a few supplies that should always be kept in your bag. Yes, the typical shoes, socks, and workout clothes are very important, but it is the little things that are often forgotten... View Post
  • The scoop on Wulinshen: From the termite nest to pure relaxation

    Deep down in the dirt lies nutritious, yet obscure fungi hidden within the nest of the Odontotermesformosanus termite.This fungi present among the termites underground provides the primary source of nutrients. But it's not just some random fungi; it packs a punch of benefits for us humans, too! View Post