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  • New Year Resolutions You Can KEEP!!

    Happy New Year! Now that the celebrations are over, and everything is back to normal, so many of us are turning to thoughts of how we can do things differently in 2019. But all too often, our best-laid plans become a far and distant memory. By the end of the first week back at work, we’re back in... View Post
  • The Only Holiday Gift Guide You Need!!

    Don’t let deciding what gifts to buy ruin your holiday season – let us do the hard work for you! The Techie Fitness Fan If your favorite gadget geek also happens to be a health nut, you’re in luck. We are in the age of the fitness tracker and you’ll find them to suit all budgets. Not interested... View Post
  • Staying Healthy During the Holidays, Makes the Best Holidays!

    If you’re like us, you’ll soon be thinking towards the end of the year, all the festivities and reminiscing on what kind of year you’ve had. However you celebrate the holidays, you’ll want to make sure you’re as healthy as possible. So here are our top tips on making your winter holiday a happy o... View Post