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  • Ways to Celebrate Black Business Month this August

    While there are tons of summer holidays, did you know that all of August is National Black Business month?  The world is learning more and more about the Black Lives Matter movement, and continuing to find ways to show support for our communities in need. From protesting, to petitioning, to educa... View Post
  • Your Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide!

    We might be living in uncertain times, but one thing is certain – we can still celebrate birthdays, milestones, and all the usual things we mark each year, no less so, Father’s Day!  This year things may be a little different as it might be spent waving at your dad through the window or from the ... View Post
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day While Socially Distancing

    Who would’ve thought, at the beginning of the year, when we were all so full of positivity and hope for a brand new decade, that just a few short months later, we’d be living in quarantine? With staying at home our new normal and self-isolating and social distancing becoming the terms of the year... View Post