The Best Superfood Supplements For Mental Clarity

Did you know that spirulina can help you focus? Yep. It’s sometimes used to treat attention-deficit disorders because of its superpowers that help with mental clarity and concentration.

Other superfoods have similar superpowers. Duh, that’s why they’re called superfoods!

Even though you probably use superfood supplements for various other reasons, here are a few of the best ones for mental clarity.

Whether you add these superfood supplements to your morning smoothie bowl or eat them mid-afternoon for a mental pick-me-up, you’ll definitely feel mentally recharged either way.

Best Superfood Supplement for Brain Boosting

Mental clarity is about more than just regaining your focus. Whenever you need a brain booster, reach for the aforementioned spirulina. Amongst brain supplements, it’s usually top-ranked.

Not only is it a rich source of bioavailable protein and all of the key amino acids, but it also contains vitamins A, E, and K, and some of the B-vitamins.

The amino acids help keep your brain sharp while doing other things such as improving your memory and concentration as well as fighting off stress.

The best way to consume spirulina powder is to combine it with sweet fruits such as banana or pineapple. You can blend it into a smoothie or evenly mix it into a breakfast bowl.

Best Superfood Supplements for Studying

Green tea extract is actually really great to take before a test. Why? Even though it’s usually used to boost metabolism, it’s actually great for focus and concentration as well.

Simply put, it’s good for your brain, making it one of the best memory supplements around. The weight loss and metabolism-increasing effects are just the icing on the (organic, healthy) cake.

How? The antioxidants in green tea extract, namely EGCG, can help protect brain cells from oxidative stress.

In similar studies, results showed that patients who took green tea extract showed increased task performance and reported higher levels of memory. So, before your next exam, be sure to take green tea extract!

Best Superfood for a Healthy Memory

While green tea extract is good for memory, if you want to boost mental clarity long-term, you’ll want to consume acai berries. Long-known as one of the best brain supplements around, it just so happens that they taste great, too!

Acai is high in neurologically active plant compounds. This combination has scientists working to prove that it can protect against various different neurological diseases, such as dementia.

Healthy brain aging is a crucial part of growing older and caring for your body. Adding a little acai berry powder to your daily breakfast routine can help you ensure that you’re aging well, both physically and mentally.

Boost Your Mind and Body

Superfood supplements are a great way to boost your mind and body.

Healthy eating and exercise alone usually aren’t enough to protect your body from all of the world’s various external factors when it comes to stress, aging, and daily life.

Organic superfoods can provide you with more than just brain-boosting benefits. Browse all of our superfood powders to find the one that’s right for you.

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