Supercharge Your Pokemon Go Adventure with Our Organic Raspberry Powder Today [Coupon Inside]

Who would have thought Pokemon Go would take the nation by storm? WIth the craze suddenly upon us, those of you who are new to the interactive game may have come across an amazing plant in the game called Razz Berry. It’s amazing!

The Razz Berry helps you increase the chance of catching a rare Pokemon.

But what do the raspberries you eat outside of the virtual world do for you?

Great question; we’ll explain in a moment!  

So how exactly does the Razz Berry work while playing? Here’s how to use the Razz Berry in your app:

  1. Press on your backpack
  2. Tap on the Razz Berry
  3. Press on the Razz Berry to lure the wild Pokemon
  4. Throw another Pokeball
  5. Now your chances of catching the creature have dramatically increased, although not guaranteed.

Just like the luring Razz Berry on your app, organic raspberry powder contains many benefits for you towards leveling up in life while on your adventure.

Here’s the the nitty gritty on organic raspberry powder, so you can be supercharged in both the virtual and real world of adventure!

How Nature Restore organic raspberry powder helps you level up in life while on the GO:

  1. First, when you get organic raspberry powder, you reap massive mobility skills. You can take it on the go with you on your adventure since it comes in a conveniently re-sealable bag. After all, you’re putting on the miles walking around!
  2. It’s perfect for busy people on the go who want to make sure they’re getting some healthy food in them. And yes, as Pokemon Go players, we are working those legs more than we thought on those long walks we take searching for the wild Pokemon.
  3. When you sprinkle the raspberry powder into favorite recipes or snacks (like yogurt, pre-workouts, nutritional shakes, etc.), you reap all the nutritional benefits.
  4. You feed your body the amazing nutrition it needs to perform at its optimal level. And guess what? Raspberries contain a considerably high concentration of ellagic acid, which is a phenolic compound that offers natural antioxidative support. You’ll be glad knowing that after a long day of Pokemon Go adventures, your body is going to get the nutritional support it needs to recover and rebuild for the next day’s experience on the grid.
  5. Builds a natural firewall against free-radicals like a Charmander  ;) Rawr!
  6. Raspberries are one of the plant foods with the highest ranking fiber contents. Raspberries are excellent sources of vitamin C and manganese, vitamin B, folic acid, copper, and iron.

You’re now fully equipped for your Pokemon Go adventure. Boost your body’s potential so can power up your daily efforts and ward off those crazy free-radicals. Your legs will thank you because of all the walking you will do on your Pokemon Go adventure.

As our fun-filled token to you, enjoy 20% off Organic Raspberry Powder and everything else in the Nature Restore online store with promo code:  RAZZBERRY

Discover superfoods for energy, vitality, recovery (check out Turmeric while shopping!), and more! Become the best Pokemon trainer you can be while on your adventures in nature and beyond.

Now, go have fun and level up! 


*promo code subject to change and/or expire at some point. For now, it's for you to use!

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