Set Your Mind Right For Success

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” - Darren Hardy

You have goals, and they're quite admirable. Perhaps they're about health and fitness or even financial success.

Getting into the right mindset is critical for success because if you are not in the right mindset, your emotions can take over and highly influence your decision-making.

One the most difficulties in achieving our personal definitions of success is the approach. Questions like "Where do I start?" or "What do I do?" fill the mind. 

Start the day with a positive piece of content

When you wake up in the morning, make a habit of feeding your mind with positive content, rather than reading the latest news headlines in the world of social media.

Often, the news is filled with negativity, and when your mind consumes that content, you are consuming that negativity. Instead, fight a book that feeds you full of positive and uplifting content. 

Discover your source for positive inspiration and dig in! There are a variety of books, articles, and devotions of content that will inspire and direct you to grow as a leader, educate you on healthy living choices, dig into your personal passions, and live the life you dream of. 

One recommended way to get your daily dose of positive mentorship is DarrenDaily by Darren Hardy. As a prominent business leader and editor of Success Magazine, Darren inspires thousands of people daily with his daily message that tailored to those who want aim higher and transform their lives. The content is delivered on weekdays, either by email or SMS. This is particularly ideal for those who pick up their cell phones first thing when they wake because the content is sent daily by 8:00 AM for quick and motivational mentorship. 

Be intentional every single day 

When taking personal responsibility for our healthy living as well as emotional, social, spiritual, and financial success, we raise the bar for potential.

It may not always be easy to commit to everything you're aiming to achieve; however, when you list out your priorities on paper, you're able to face any uphill battle much more prepared and focused. 

A tangible way of being intentional is to seek out an accountability partner. This should be someone you respect and trust, and someone you're willing to be completely transparent with. When you meet with your accountability partner to discuss your goals and personal ambitions you're looking to achieve, they can provide insight and encouragement to keep you on the path towards success. 

Create structure for your day

A structure may sound like tedious sometimes, but it's really designed to set you up for success.  

Do you make your bed when you wake up? It's often been said that the simple act of making your bed builds upon personal discipline because sometimes one environment can influence one's mindset. Plus, when it's time for you to go to bed, you get that nice feeling of getting into a nice cozy bed rather than just hopping on top of a messy bed that was left in the morning. 

Do you keep a priorities list? This is not a long list of items to do and get like a grocery shopping list, but it's 1-3 high-level goals you want to accomplish for the day. Don't put too much on your plate so that you become anxious, but stretch yourself and make sure the goals you have for the day are attainable and high-impact. 

Surround yourself with like-minded people

If you're a go-getter and entrepreneurial, you absolutely must surround yourself with people who are going to challenge you and lift you up. The mind is often one's greatest enemy when it comes to success. Often, we can allow self-talk to defeat us. Sometimes we even have arguments with ourselves about deciding to keep going or quitting something. Does this sound familiar to you? 

This can be minimized when we choose to be around other successful people. If you're determined to improve your health and fitness, be sure to spend time around people who have what you want in life.

And to put it bluntly, if you're aiming to step up your game when it comes to getting fit and weight loss, the friend who always wants to go to the donut shop may not be the best influence at times. In these scenarios, you don't want to ridicule your friend or completely avoid them, but it may be best to spend the time with he or she when food isn't part of the equation. If they're willing to change their ways and set some goals like you may have, then bring them along on the journey! 

While this is not an exhaustive list of ways to set your mind to success, this is a starting point where you can take a personal inventory and decide where you may need to change things - whether it's feeding your mind with positive content, being intentional and knowing what you want out of life, creating structure and healthy habits, or surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have what you want in life. 

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