ROOTS™ – Sourced from Nature, Made Convenient by Us!

Here at Nature Restore, we are SO super proud of our once a day, superfood blend of greens and berries drink mix, Roots that we want to tell EVERYONE about it! 
Roots™ is a nutrition-packed powder that’s easily made up into a delicious drink, that everyone will love. And because it’s green you just know it’s brimming with health and vitality giving properties.
If you haven’t discovered Roots yet, then we’re here to tell you all about it, especially it’s convenience!Imagine not having to worry about getting all the right vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients every day? Or not having to concern yourself that your diet isn’t as healthy as it should be?
Whether you’re a busy mom, you travel lots, have too hectic a life to think about eating right (even though you know you should) or you just feel like you need that extra boost, then Roots has been specifically designed with you in mind.

All your Fruits and Veggies, Once a Day, Zero Fuss

Roots™ contains all the greens, berries and antioxidant power you need each day. Simply add your Roots powder to a glass of water once a day and reap the benefits.
We developed Roots in single-dose sachets so that you can carry one with you every day for when you fancy it. Pop one in your handbag, jacket pocket, gym bag, stroller, car or desk drawer. Roots can even be carried in hand luggage on plane journeys.
It’s ideal for first thing in the morning, as a refreshing drink with lunch or as a zingy pick me up during those all too familiar afternoon slumps.

Superfoods, Super Go!

Take your Roots with you on the go, make it up in water and drink. That’s all you need to do. It contains more than 20 superfoods including goji berries, noni, red beets, spirulina, acai berry, wheatgrass, and barley. All of which pack a powerful nutritional punch!
We developed Roots to suit everyone and as such, it’s free from GMOs, soy and gluten, and is vegan-friendly. And despite being green, it tastes primarily of fruity berries and even the fussiest of eaters will love it.
In fact, if your kids (or big kids) are fussy eaters and tend not to eat their greens, then Roots is a super convenient and tasty way of making sure they get their vitamins. And their minerals. And their antioxidant phytonutrients! (Can you see how proud we are of Roots?)
Nourish your body and restore your health with Roots. Use it during the winter to help keep winter bugs at bay, and use it all year round for general health. Use it especially during times when your diet isn’t what it should be. Or, best of all, simply use it every day for peace of mind that you’re getting all the green goodness you need!
Order your box today, and trust in our handy and beneficial Roots powder. We call it the most convenient nutrition-packed superfood instant drink mix in the world, and we just know you’ll agree!

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