Red Beet Powder, Great For You!

Beet Root Powder and Its Related Health Benefits
What are Red Beets?
Red beets are also commonly referred to as garden beets, table beets or golden beets. Red beet is a highly nutritious plant known for its edible roots (beetroot) and leaves (beet greens). Beets are available in fresh vegetables, beet juices, and beet powder. Beet powder is made from dried beetroot and is a better option for those who do not like taking beets in their fresh state.

Nutritional breakdown of Red Beets
Beetroot offers a great nutritional importance to you and your family. Taking a cup of raw beets will give you 58 calories, 9 grams of sugar & 4 grams of fiber (carbohydrates) and 2 grams of protein. It also gives you Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin c and Iron. It contains a large amount of folate, manganese, riboflavin, thiamine, Vitamin B-6, Choline, Pantothenic acid and Betaine. Beetroot is rich in nutrients and is, therefore, a subject of study by many institutions.

Treatment of Liver and Heart Diseases
Betaine, which is found in beets, is helpful in preventing fatty deposits in the liver. However, very few human studies have been conducted on the use of beetroot for treating liver conditions, and more studies are still underway. Most heart attacks and strokes are caused by a rise in homocysteine levels or by high blood pressure. Betaine helps in reducing this levels and is, therefore, essential to reducing the risk of developing heart infections.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Due to its rich nitrate content, beet powder is perfect for lowering the blood pressure. The body converts nitrates into nitric oxide, which is responsible for relaxation and widening of blood vessels hence making it easier for the heart to pump blood. However, using beet powder to prevent heart disease depends on your specific condition. Therefore it is not a guarantee that beetroot will help with your blood sugar levels.

Remedy for Dry Mouth
Dry mouth is a condition which is mainly caused by polypharmacy, which refers to the use of two or more drugs for treating one condition. A recent study has shown that the use of betaine is effective in treating dry mouth. Beet powder is used in the manufacture of dry mouth products such as toothpaste, gels, mouth rinse and mouth spray.

Energy Boosters
Beet powder’s ability to improve energy level can be attributed to its significant amount of carbohydrates and nitrates. Carbohydrates provide energy for prolonged exercises. Nitrates regulate the oxygen intake, reducing fatigue during intense workouts. These are just some of the benefits of beetroot. Beet powder is also used in manufacturing cosmetic products. You can use beetroot powder to make your homemade skin care products by adding light color to dark red-violet tints to oil or water.

Side Effects of Beets There are few side effects that are associated with beet powder. Some people complain of a reddish colored urine after using beets, a condition known as beeturia. Most of the side effects are related to betaine, which is not recommended to those suffering from a kidney infection or those under treatment for kidney diseases. Research also indicates that beets are rich in oxalate diet which may result in kidney stones. It is, therefore, important that you consult your doctor before using beetroot to supplement for any condition.

In conclusion, beets are extremely healthy and versatile vegetables due to their diverse health and nutritional benefits. If you are not comfortable with fresh beetroot, beet powder is a great alternative which is just as good.

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