Poor Eating Habits? How to Get Back into Your Groove

 Poor Eating Habits? How to get back into your groove

When you think about it, it’s really very easy to slip into bad eating habits. Busy lives, running from work to home and back again, deserved indulgent weekends, they all just become part of life. So if you feel bad about your diet, don’t. We all do it. And however hard it might seem to get back into the good habits, it’s not impossible and with our help, it’s even easier…

Breakfast Really is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Starting the day right makes you more inclined to carry on the rest of your day, and week, right. Hands up who, on a Monday morning starting with a blueberry muffin, thinks “oh well, might as well make it a bad week and try again the next one”? Yeah, we know everything. Busted.

Save your blueberry treat for Sunday and start the week, and the day, virtuously. Fill up on healthy and filling oats with yoghurt, and chuck a handful of those, fresh, blueberries in. And don’t forget the protein. Protein keeps you fuller for longer, meaning that you have more chance of lasting until lunch. Try a protein shake with added banana and a squeeze of maple syrup for sweetness. Add a teaspoon of spirulina for a powerful nutrient punch, too. Ideal for a healthy breakfast on the go.

Don’t Get Thirsty!

Dehydration causes lethargy and an inability to concentrate. So not only will you struggle through work or study, you’ll be lacking the energy to get up and get moving. (After all, eating well isn’t the only thing you can do to get back into your groove, even light exercise such as walking will help improve your energy levels and mood.)

But drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of fluids (not just water, herbal teas and unsweetened fruit juices also count) isn’t just so that you stay hydrated. Our brains can confuse thirst with hunger, making us reach for food when actually, we’re not hungry, we’re thirsty. Stay topped up by having a glass and a plentiful supply of liquids near you at home, by your desk or on the go. Add sliced fruit to water to make it irresistible.

Make Sugar Your Demon Food

Highly sugary foods play havoc with our blood sugar levels. First blood sugar levels spike and we feel a rush of energy but then they quickly drop once all this fast and furious glucose has been used up. Then we feel the inevitable slump and we enter a vicious cycle of needing more carb-based food to get us back to that high again.

Quit it. Snack on oat cakes with hummus, or sticks of celery with a small block of cheese. Not only will your blood thank you for it and stay under control, your waistline will too. Make a conscious effort to minimize sugar at each meal. Avoid sugary breakfast cereals, make your lunch sandwich from brown bread that contains slower release energy and focus on the protein for dinner. Piles of pasta or white potatoes as your last meal of the day is only going to spike those sugar levels. Any sugar not used up by the blood as you go to bed will be stored by the fat cells and the liver.

Don’t let sugar get comfy in your body, banish the carbs and embrace the protein! Grilled chicken and a mountain of green veggies is far better all round.

Once you start eating better, you’ll feel better. And feeling better is the best encouragement anyone can have to keep on going and reap the rewards.


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