Introducing AstraGin®: How it Amplifies Absorption

Astragin and Absorption

Absorption of nutrients in human body is mostly controlled by absorption specific genes so only nutrients that are beneficial to human survival and health are allowed to enter into systemic circulation.

AstraGin®, now available at Nature Restore, is the first and most extensive studied phyto compound formula that studied the mechanism of action of these absorption specific genes.

AstraGin® has shown to increase the absorption of a wide range of essential and health promoting nutrients in the human body, such as peptides, amino acids, fatty acid, vitamins, and antioxidants through the increasing number of these genes and their increased activities so more nutrients are able to be transported to systemic circulation.

Since most absorption occurs in the small intestine, medication, stress, poor diet can increase the dysfunction of the absorption side in small intestine due to inflammation, absorption can be greatly impaired. 

What’s it it for you?

Astragin® is a key foundational ingredient will significantly boost any product's absorption rate you use - ranging from supplements like your pre-workout, protein, and targeted supplements for health); beverages, and various foods you enjoy on a daily basis.

We eat to consume and absorb nutrients into our system. With all the additives and synthetic ingredients in products today, AstraGin® plays a key role when you want to get the most out things. 

By enhancing bioavailability and absorption of many critical nutrients, AstraGin®  enables your body to operate at peak levels. 
Who doesn't want that?!?

Get some AstraGin today and feel awesome! :)

Key Benefits

- Supports protein absorption

- Supports arginine absorption

- Increases effectiveness of workout supplementation

- Repairs damaged intestinal wall where most absorption occurs 

- Increases energy level by 18% 

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