Don't Skip A Beat, Start At The Heart.

Don't Skip A Beat. Start At the Heart


Modern day health professionals and the Interwebs alike have come to the consensus that 'being healthy' is no longer sufficient enough. The bar has been raised to incorporate health AND wellness. While this might sound overwhelming, there is little reason to worry since the two are interdependent.

Think of it this way: This phenomenon is much like crash-dieting and swimsuit season, except significantly more fulfilling and far less superficial.

Wellness is a broad term encompassing various aspects of healthy living. This includes mentality, lifestyle, physical health, and more. What makes wellness unique is that it is a conscious choice to adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle. Since physical health fuels the fire to achieving other components of wellness, it is imperative that it is not neglected.

Attaining stellar physical health over the course of a lifetime can become quite the conundrum. With the plethora of fitness and nutrition advice to adopt and the endless list of ailments to avoid, the process can leave someone running in circles like a chicken with their head cut-off. We don't want that happening to you.

Let's cut to the chase and frame this concept in terms of vital organs; it all starts at the heart.

Achieving wellness via a healthy heart can be accomplished by keeping body weight down. Low-carb diets high in fat and protein have become increasingly popular methods of both maintaining and losing weight. All of this great news aside, high fat and protein diets can raise LDL cholesterol levels which can, in turn, wreak havoc on cardiovascular health.

To combat this effect, consume unsaturated fats and get plenty of exercises. Certain herbs are also known to aid in cardiovascular strength. Panax ginseng is proven to lower LDL and is one of several heart-boosting all natural ingredients found in HeartONE.

Remember that while heart health is vital to a healthy lifestyle, it is only one component of physical health. Regardless, starting your wellness journey at the heart is one way to ensure you don’t miss a beat on your way to optimum health and wellness.

by Bill Hess - Nature Restore Health & Wellness Contributor

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