Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials 

Gym bags are no longer just for gym goers. Workouts take many forms and can happen just about anywhere. Whether you are visiting your favorite gym or running in your local park, there are a few supplies that should always be kept in your bag. Yes, the typical shoes, socks, and workout clothes are very important, but it is the little things that are often forgotten:


Nobody likes getting sweat in their eyes! No matter if you're deep into a yoga session, circuit training, or straight lifting, we all get sweaty and would benefit from having a nice clean towel nearby.

Deodorant & wipes:

Workout is done. You're feeling good, but let's face it, probably not smelling your best. A nice wipe of the face and any other particularly sweaty areas along with a reapply of deodorant is the perfect quick fix! Go back to work or run those errands without a worry.

AstraGin200 & Cordyceps:

No bag is complete without your favorite supplement! AstraGin200 promotes cardiovascular health and can help to enhance exercise performance while increasing absorption and promoting gut health. Cordyceps has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to increase vitality and promote general well being, while also increasing energy levels and aiding in oxygen utilization! You can go with one or the other or take both! Whatever your favorite exercise looks like these two are a good choice to keep you going.

Water bottle:

This one is fairly obvious but hydration is key! Especially after a long workout, a nice cold drink of water is just the ticket! Invest in a reusable insulated bottle (like our ROOTS™ bottle) to keep your beverage nice and refreshing from start to finish!

Hair ties:

I understand not everyone needs these, but for those long-haired people out there this is a must! You don't want to get to the gym just to realize this is the one day you don't have a spare waiting on your wrist! Trust me...I've been there.

First aid:

There are all kinds of compact first aid kits available today, mine is a backpacking kit (super lightweight and contains anything you could ever need!). Hopefully, you'll never have to use this, but in these kinds of situations, it is better to be prepared! May it be a blister or a scrape and burn from an unexpected fall you'll be happy you added this small token to your bag.

Lip balm:

Lastly, who could forget the lip balm! Maybe it's just me but chapped lips can be very irritating and distracting. If you are prone to chapped lips or live in a dry area think about adding one of these to your bag!


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