Chamomile Tea Party!

Dandelion root, green, earl grey, chamomile, the list goes on and on of teas and their effects on one's health. Teas are a great way to address different struggles like digestion, sleep, energy, colds and much more. If you think about it, what does grandma always tell you to have when you are not feeling well? Chicken noodle soup and…hot tea.

Chamomile tea is one that is universal for its natural healing properties. When you look at a daisy, you probably do not think of it as producing tea leaves, but they are also known as the chamomile flower. People in America primarily use organic chamomile tea for upset stomachs and sleep, but the original common use was for irritation from chest colds and skin inflammation (Zafar, 2016).

Still used for all of those conditions today, other uses of organic chamomile tea include:


• Stomach cramps

• Migraines

• Reduce dark circles under eyes

Like anything, caution must be taken when mixing chamomile with any medications. Technically, it is a form of remedy and can have adverse effects for some individuals. First and foremost, since the chamomile flower is considered a sleep aid, it is not recommended to drink before doing activities that require a lot of attention; it will cause drowsiness (The Tea Talk, 2013). 

If you are one who has bad allergies or is sensitive to many products, it would be wise to check if you are allergic to organic chamomile tea first as well. If so, it is likely you are allergic to other flowers and plants like ragweed, sunflower, Echinacea and dandelions (The Tea Talk, 2013). Now, some are perfectly content with drinking straight, freshly brewed tea as is.

However, spicing it up a little bit will not hurt either; actually, it could even help more. Below is a great recipe for a soothing mug of hot organic chamomile tea. Mixing with other ingredients like honey and lemon can also bring their own benefits to the table or in the case, mug. Honey is a good calming agent and lemon helps with a sore throat and waking up the digestive system (Bora, 2016).

Lastly, buying organic is important with any teas to ensure there is not processing or additives done in the leaf. Enjoy!

• 1 TBSP loose leaf organic Nature Restore chamomile flower

• 8 oz. hot water

• ½ lemon, squeezed

• ½ TBSP. raw honey

• Heat water until hot

• Submerge tea bag into the water and let sit until deep color forms. This will take a few minutes so be patient.

• Remove tea bag and add lemon juice and honey.

• Stir until well mixed. Feel free to add your tea bag back into the water to ensure all is brewed into the water.

Make sure you do not burn your tongue!

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